Seaweed represents a significant economic opportunity which can contribute towards achieving your Sustainable Development Goals.

New applications are being discovered almost on a daily basis!


Together with our partners, associates and global  network, we provide the commercial services, from developing concepts, RD&I, project development, scoping, feasibility,  through to commercialisation and market development that will advance and accelerate both the economic and environmental benefits of seaweed.

Seaweed's bioactive compounds could displace a myriad of applications to reduce GHG emissions such as food, feed, fibres and fuel

It can remove excess nutrient pollution caused as a result of agricultural run-off and fish farming

Natural seaweed beds buffer waves, protecting our coastlines, with innovations underway to mimic this natural process

Seaweeds ecosystems far exceed other coastal blue carbon systems in terms of potential to absorb carbon dioxide (1)with projects already underway to leverage this nature-based solution 

(1) Source Duarte et al Frontiers in Marine Science 2017