Our key focus areas:

- To work with organisations to integrate and apply seaweed as a nature-based climate solution;

- To support the development of regional seaweed related clusters and initiatives

- To develop our own commercial seaweed related products and services


We are passionate at what we do and are proud of  the impact we have had to date, but there is a great deal more to be done and with the help of our ever expanding network of supporters , advocates and advisors we are confident that together we can accelerate the application of seaweeds economic and environmental benefits.  

About Us

Our background in commercialisation of concepts, economic -market development and love of the ocean, led us in 2016 to embark on our own investigations into the benefits of seaweed.  We were fortunate to receive financial support from government to participate in a number of key international seaweed conferences, engaged with stakeholders nationally and internationally and wrote a comprehensive report 'Accelerating an Industry based on Culitvated Seaweed''. As a result of our scoping we wrote a comprehensive report 'Accelerating an Industry based on Cultivated Seaweed' and founded The Seaweed Alliance, a not-for-profit platform to lobby and raise awareness within the UK of its untapped  economic and environmental potential.

In 2020, we launched our commercial arm,             Seas The Opportunity, to provide consultancy work with organisations and partners to 'turn the identified opportunities into a reality'.